AIGA is pleased to announce the release of its new strategic plan.

AIGA President Jonathan Meddings said, “This strategic plan sets out our strategic goals and priorities for the next five years as we continue to organise, grow, and advocate for a world where no child is subjected to genital mutilation, and every baby is brought home whole.”

“We stand on the shoulders of those who have come before us, trailblazers like Paul Mason and Robert Darby. We continue their work with a renewed sense of purpose, a clear and collective direction, and unwavering resolve.”

“In the absence of medical necessity or an individual’s own informed consent, no one should be subjected to invasive, permanent bodily alterations such as genital cutting. Non-consensual, medically unnecessary genital cutting is harmful, unethical and a human rights violation. These practices have no place in civilised society.” 

Download a copy of the AIGA’s Strategic Plan 2020-2025.