Board of Directors

Executive Committee


Jonathan Meddings is the President of AIGA. Experienced in policy and advocacy, good governance, and stakeholder engagement in the not-for-profit sector, Jonathan holds a degree in medical science with honours, and currently works as a Senior Policy Analyst for a community health service.

Jonathan is a human rights advocate who has long been advocating for everyone’s right to equality and bodily integrity. He has previously worked as a medical and science writer, co-authoring market-leading biology textbooks and authoring over a hundred medical fact sheets, and as a publisher of several print and digital science texts.



James is the current and foundation Treasurer of AIGA. James is married, a father of three and grandfather of three, currently living in Melbourne. James has a passion for human rights, children’s rights, equality and justice. He has held various senior management positions in the technology sector, is a member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors. James lives in Melbourne, Victoria.


Tim is a collaborative family law practitioner and human rights lawyer practising in Queensland and is currently the secretary of AIGA. A member of Australian Lawyers for Human Rights Tim holds a BSc (Newcastle) and Diploma in Law from Legal Profession Admission Board (NSW). He is a widower, proud dad and grandpa and lives on the Sunshine Coast.

He has a strong focus on law reform and human rights and believes that any interference with the genital autonomy of minors is a breach of the obligations imposed by the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child to which Australia is a signatory. It is also an assault ocassioning actual bodily harm, which for males it seems, is condoned in the practice of circumcision.

Tim is a vocal and active Intactivist and proud to be an advocate for children without a voice.

Board of Directors


CHRISTA BUCKLAND B.HSc (Health Promotion)

Christa is a mother of 3 boys, and is a doula, childbirth educator and university tutor. She holds a BHthSc (Health Promotion) from Western Sydney University and is now embarking upon postgraduate research studies. She has a deep personal and professional interest in human rights, advocacy for babies and mothers and in social justice. Christa lives in Sydney, New South Wales.


DAMIEN WILLIAMS BComm (Marketing & Management)

Damien grew up in country Western Australia and now lives in Sydney. He has worked in professional services marketing for over 15 years, which included a two year break to be a stay-at-home parent to his three children. A foundation Director of AIGA, Damien administers the organisation’s website.


Max lives in Melbourne and has a background in accounting. He is the Director of Intact Australia, a grassroots genital autonomy organisation working to end unnecessary genital cutting of minors. He is a passionate advocate for human rights, children’s rights, animal welfare and welfare of the under-privileged.



Hugh is a retired broadcaster/editor who has been active in Intactivism since the 1990s. He maintains The Intactivism Pages, He has presented four papers at International Symposia on genital autonomy. Hugh lives in Porirua, New Zealand.